About Doug Adams

Mihintale Temple 2008

Mihintale Temple 2008 

Doug was born in San Diego, CA and grew up in CA and Nebraska. He moved to New York in 1969 in order to work in the office of the mayor of New York City. Fascinated by the multicultural street life of the city neighborhoods, he was drawn to photography as a way to capture his interest and had an introduction to photography at The New School in New York in 1971.  

Doug completed his graduate work at Harvard in 1973. He started his own consulting firm in 1986 and has worked with corporations in over 30 countries. His work has taken him to virtually every country in Europe and Asia. His travels have provided the perfect opportunity to fulfill his passion for photography and to experience the great peoples and cultures of the world while developing his photographic skill and artistic voice. He is currently working on a book that will showcase his photographs capturing the unique people, culture, colors and Buddhist traditions of Sri Lanka. 

Doug was awarded Copley Artist Status at the Copley Society of Art in Boston in 2017 and has been juried into six exhibitions at the Society over the past few years. His photographic prints have been exhibited and sold at galleries in the US and Asia. Previously, he was represented by The Mark Gallery in Cambridge, MA. 

Gathering some of his most important images, many of which were taken in the far corners of the earth, this updated and expanded website brings a new and important perspective to his work. Doug has consistently created photographs characterized by intense color and light. His work, with its richly layered and unique composition, touches on multiple genres, including street photography, social documentary, and fine art, but as Doug explains it, "to me it's all photography. You have to go out and explore the world with a camera.You have to create opportunities to engage and relate to people and indigenous cultures." 

"The thread that is woven throughout my images is my passion for the human spirit, my interest in human behavior and the richness, texture, beauty and uniqueness in all cultures." - Doug Adams